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This Mind, Body, Soul Monday  learn all about the benefits of fin fitness.

In early 2018, we met the Red River Merman Tristan McDonald. 

Now, he’s spreading fin fitness across the Arklatex.

“[There is a class] every Saturday at 12:30 p.m. at the swim school on Texas St. and we’re looking to expand into other dates and other classes,” McDonald explained.

McDonald credits fin fitness with helping change his life and helping him get fit again.  

“I’ve lost about 50 pounds swimming almost every week,” McDonald.

It’s also been life changing for his students including Sara Rainwater who is a mother of two. 

“This was something I saw a really good exercise routine without being too hard on my knees or too hard on my hips,” said Rainwater.

Swimming is one of the best full body workouts to build muscle and keep your heart rate up in a low impact environment. 

Adding the tail adds a level of fun and a new challenge for a great core body workout. 

“It was a little nerve wracking for me because all I could think was ‘I’m gonna have my two feet glued together’ basically, but it was a lot of fun!” said Rainwater. “It was a lot of hard work, really.” 

It’s become a positive outlet for both Rainwater and her oldest daughter, Addison. 

“For any families, Dads included, it’s a great workout,” she explained. “It’s something that gives you a chance to bond with your child. For me, it was a chance to have specific time with my oldest child…something that we could bond together and do together.”

“While this is a fitness class, this is a body positive class,” McDonald explained. “We have shapes and sizes of all kinds. But, if you want to get up and you want to do something and just add it to your routine, then come on! You’re going to have a great time, a great workout and… just live the fantasy.” 

For more on the classes and pricing, visit: www.finfitnesssb.com 

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