Engineering company uses UVC lights to kill coronavirus bacteria

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BROUSSARD, La. (KLFY)- Employees at Braeden Engineering are doing all of the things the CDC says they should be doing- social distancing and wearing masks. This company, however, wants to take the safety of their employees one step further.

“We do a lot of work around the world. We do a lot of work of equipment that gets sent all over the world, so we’re considered an essential business. Our equipment, our people end up everywhere, so to keep our people safe we kind of had to take things to another level to see what we could do,” vice president of engineering Bobby Brignac said.

Brignac says their solution is UVC lights.

“The power of our light will kill everything on the air transfer,” Terrance Adams with Pure Light Clean Air said.

Adams says they’re using UVC lights to stop the spread of coronavirus.

The lights are installed in a building’s air system and kills any bacteria that’s transferred through the air.

“When it meets our lighting system, it eradicates all known air pathogens,” he added.

Adams says UVC lights have the power to kill virtually any virus, even COVID-19.

“It’s a very beneficial thanks to keeping people safe from tuberculosis, influenza, smallpox, your common cold,” he said. “The flu is something we always deal with. You get vaccinations for it every year, but it always still has an effect. You have people that get out of work from it, and COVID is the same application.”

Companies like Braeden Engineering say they hope the UVC light system will stop their employees from getting sick.

“With this being an airborne pathogen, COVID, this is where UVC light really sits to be a solution to be able to stop the spread of it,” Adams said.

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