Lafayette woman shares her diagnoses and recovery from coronavirus

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LAFAYETTE, La. (KLFY)- One local woman is sharing her story of surviving coronavirus.

“I know my body. I know what you can give me, what you can’t give me. I know all of these things, and so I knew I had it because I’m a very well person,” Phyllisa Harrington, also known as “Lysa,” said.

​​Harrington is a national recording artist living in Lafayette, a mother, a grandmother, and now, a coronavirus survivor.​
She was in New Orleans the end of February and beginning of March.​ She performed there on March 6th. That’s when her voice started to deteriorate.

She knew something was off.​

“I had my daughter come back from school, and she had a mask and gloves on, and I said, ‘I need to go somewhere and get tested by this point,'” said Harrington.​

At first, doctors wouldn’t test Lysa for COVID-19 because she wasn’t what she said, “sick enough.”​

She was tested for the flu, which came back negative, and diagnosed with bronchitis.​ Still not feeling better, Lysa went back to the doctor and was tested for COVID-19 on march 16th.​
Three days later, she was admitted into the hospital.

​​”My issues were extreme fatigue,” explained Harrington. “I had a cough. I had the fever and had extreme nausea. I was extremely nauseated. I started feeling symptoms on the 10th. By the 24, I was fine. 14 days. Nine of it, I spent doctoring on myself at home and five of it, I was in the hospital.”

​​Lysa had pneumonia and was put on oxygen… fighting for her life.​ Two days after being out of the hospital, Lysa found out she had tested positive for COVID-19.​​

News 10 asked Harrington, “You say, it’s not a death sentence?”​​

“No, it’s not,” replied Harrington. “We have a look at this thing from a balanced approach, and one thing I know when you get fearful, then things are even worse. Fear paralyzes you so that’s why I came forth with my story.”​​​

Lysa said she’s been released by her doctor and feels great and is blessed to be able to share her story. 
She said she’s also thankful for the care she received here at Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital.

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