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Candidate Profile: Natchitoches Sheriff

Candidate Profiles

Candidate Profiles

Saturday, voters in Natchitoches Parish will decide on their next sheriff.

After being in law enforcement for many decades these three men are running for sheriff of Natchitoches Parish.

These political newcomers want to reduce crime in the parish.

Steve Rachal, a candidate for sheriff, says, “right now we have unsolved crime all over this parish, and the only way that’s going to be solved is if we build relationships and people start trusting law enforcement again and we can communicate and these things will be taken care of.”

“We have a crime problem and probably 80 percent of that is related to a drug problem,” says Stuart Wright, candidate for sheriff, he also says ending the drug problem will help decrease crime and keep it away from children. “We can’t just give up, we got to keep working with our young people to advise them the dangers of the drugs and for them to never start using them, to begin with.”

For Steve Rachal, he says communication and more deputy appearance is what he feels will help the parish.

“Right now we don’t have true resident deputies, and what I mean by true resident deputies, a deputy who works in your area should be apart of that community should know that area. when I was a deputy we were like that,” Rachal said.

Adding more deputies in the community, he and his opponent Steve Pezant both agree on.

Steve Pezant, candidate for sheriff, says”when I came to work as state police in 1993 we had 5 deputies on the road, I retired this year on March 10, last day of work March 12, we had 5 deputies working and so 26 years later we had 5 deputies working and the parish has grown.”

But all three men say if elected into office they plan to help by having an open-door policy.

Steve Rachal: “Someone they can see when they need to see them, someone with ethics someone with integrity means doing the right thing when nobody else is looking. and they can count on me and my sheriff’s office to do that.”

Stuart Wright: “I’ve been there for seven years, I have an open-door policy whoever needs assistance we try to give them assistance, a lot of people think the sheriff is just someone who puts people in jail it’s not.”

Steve Pezant: “The same way I talk to the one that came in before them and the one that’s gone come in after them, if I can help you I would look at them and say let me see what I can do and then ill look at them and say I cant.”

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