SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The Shreveport City Council on Monday addressed its ongoing issues with emails from the Inquisitor Newspaper’s columnist John Settle.

During public comments at Monday’s administrative meeting, people from the community spoke about their frustrations with Settle. Some described his columns are derogatory and racist, citing a column he wrote in March that used the racial slur “tar baby,” for which he later apologized for writing.

Settle writes daily newsletter emails that city council members receive. It came to light last week that no one in Government Plaza was receiving these emails anymore. During the meeting, the council asked the City’s Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson if he was directed by the council to block emails from Settle which he said no.

The City of Shreveport sent us a statement last week that said Mr. Settle’s emails were restricted on May 4 after a council member asked to not receive his emails or correspondence. The IT department temporarily blocked him and it was reversed on May 17.

Councilwoman Tabatha Taylor told the council that private citizens’ emails cannot be blocked from the council, but private, for-profit businesses such as the Inquisitor can be considered spam and that she did not want to receive his emails anymore, saying his language is harassment and used as a form of intimidation.

“You do not have to be referred to as dogs, as cows, as mugs. I have never been arrested. But what I do know and what I do understand is that you don’t have to feel intimated so I will stand with you because I will not receive this spam email under any circumstances,” said Tabatha Taylor, Shreveport City Council District A.