(NBC NEWS) — When it came to making himself at home, this burglar took it to the extreme.

A Washington State man broke into a home and proceeded to start laundry and make himself a snack in the kitchen all while the family slept upstairs.

The suspect seen here in this Ring Doorbell video broke into a home in Covington, Washington on June 30.

The man entered through an unlocked window that the homeowners say was open during an extreme heatwave.

The suspect then proceeded to make himself comfortable.

He cooked some waffles, ate a Lean Cuisine, and used the bathroom before startling the homeowners awake.

Homeowner Amy Padgett said, “Our bedroom door flung open. and there was an individual standing in our bedroom door. The individual then kind of turned around and got to the front door, asked if he could get his shoes… at which point my husband informed him no, he really needed to leave our home.”

Padgett added, “He had Eggo waffles… one and a half on a plate with syrup and a couple more in the toaster to go. there was a lean cuisine that he had eaten half of. Our powder room is downstairs. there was an unmentionable stench with a pair of pants and flip-flops on the floor.”

The suspect later identified as Philip Cedarleaf was found a short distance away from the home and taken into custody.

Deputies said he stole a number of items from the home, including cash and car keys.

Cedarleaf is currently in jail on residential burglary charges. He is due back in court on July 15.