DUBACH, La. (KTVE/KARD) — On Tuesday, December 21, deputies with the Lincoln Parish Sheriffs Office arrested 58-year-old Billy Rae Bruce for Cruelty to the Infirmed.

The incident happened around 10 p.m. when deputies were called to a disturbance on the 1500 block of McCullin Road. Per the police report, Bruce called 911 stating that the victim was fighting him. He then stated that the victim was off their medication and attacked him while having a mental episode.

Authorities then received another call at the same time from someone claiming that the victim told them they’d been raped. When deputies arrived on the scene they made contact with Bruce, who told authorities that the victim was breathing but not responsive.

As deputies entered the home, they smelled the foul odor of feces. Deputies also saw animal feces and hair smeared all over the floor. In the room the victim was located in, deputies discovered that the floor was covered in food, trash, clothes, animal feces, and spiders. The police report describes the living conditions the victim was located in as “deplorable and uninhabitable”.

While being interviewed, Bruce advised that the victim’s mother is in the hospital and the victim was placed in his care because they cannot be on their own. Bruce also stated that he and the victim lived in a camper next door but they chose to sleep in the home instead.

During the interview with the victim, they advised that the altercation happened when Bruce came to the home and attempted to take a cell phone from them.

Authorities concluded the investigation by arresting Bruce due to him owning the home, knowing the living conditions of the home, and being responsible for taking care of the victim. Billy Rae Bruce was booked in the Lincoln Parish Detention Center.

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