TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — A Florida couple was arrested on child neglect charges after police said they allegedly did not call 911 immediately after their child nearly drowned in mid-June.

NBC affiliate WTVJ reported the incident happened during a Miami family event on June 18.

The detective who arrested the couple said the parents did not know how to perform CPR. The child had blue lips and threw up, but she began breathing again so the parents did not call 911, according to police.

However, the child’s health took a decline 12 hours later so her parents, 36-year-old Irma Trejo and 31-year-old Jerry Acosta, took her to a hospital to be treated.

“I found it neglectful that they didn’t seek medical care for a child that nearly drowned,” the detective said during a court hearing.

However, a public defender for the couple contested the charges, saying that they shouldn’t have been arrested when they sought medical help the following day.

An unidentified woman told WTVJ in Spanish that the parents thought they were doing the right thing.

“If the girl had been unwell, as they say, she would have been taken to the hospital right away,” the woman said. “She spent the whole night until the next day. They told me they had taken her.”

Both Trejo and Acosta were given bond but were stayed in jail immigration holds. According to WTVJ, the child has recovered.