HARRISON COUNTY, Texas (KTAL/KMSS) – The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office says to watch out for scam calls from someone posing as a warrant deputy trying to get people’s money.

The sheriff’s office says the caller claims to be “Kirk Jones” or “County Judge Chad Sims” with Harrison County and tells the victims a warrant has been placed in the “system” for a missed court date and another “Federal” warrant.

“This is not true. While there is a deputy Kirk Jones and the County Judge is Chad Sims, with Harrison County, neither person nor any legitimate deputy calls and demands money from citizens,” Harrison County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jay Webb said in a statement released Friday morning.

Lt. Webb says the caller tells the victim they must get a pre-paid debit card for a specific amount of money and call back within a specific time frame or they will be arrested. The caller then asks for the PIN number on the back of the card. Once they have that number, you have given them the money and there is no recourse. The caller will also seem to know a few details about the person. Typically, it’s information that may be found in a public data search like Facebook, on the internet, or from a business listing in a phone book. He is very forceful and demanding.

“The Harrison County Sheriff’s Office is NOT calling citizens and demanding payment for a warrant. Should you receive a call of this type, simply hang up the phone and do not engage in conversation with this person. This is one of the oldest and most used scams and creates fear and panic for the citizens. Do not fall victim to this scam.”