TEXARKANA, Ark. (KTAL/KSHV) – The Western District of Arkansas U.S. Attorney’s office has raised the ante in the case of Texarkana’s Lansdell Family Clinic, which employed eight employees who in March were indicted for selling drugs without a prescription.

A federal grand jury last week handed down a superseding indictment, filed Wednesday in U.S. District Court’s Western District of Arkansas, charging three additional defendants, as well as the Lansdell Family Clinic and Lansdell Farms, LLC.

In the March 9 indictment, three pharmacists and five nurses – clinic owner Tawnya Lee Lansdell, along with Claire Terece Russell, Wendy Wynette Gammon, Shelly Rae Eastridge, Bonita Lois Martin, Candace Michelle, Whitley, Gina M. Richardson and Stephen Hayden Sullivan – were charged with one count of conspiracy to distribute hydrocodone and oxycodone, as well as other Schedule II, III and IV controlled substances without prescriptions from January 2019 through August 2021.

Along with the original eight, three additional people – Michael Wayne Lansdell, Rusty Lynn Griffin and Michael Wallace Martin – along with Lansdell Family Clinic, PLLC and Lansdell Farms were indicted in the superseding indictment, which adds an additional four counts that include Medicare and Medicaid fraud, Health and Human Services COVID-19 Uninsured Program fraud, as well as Payroll Protection Program fraud and mail fraud involving a fraudulent farm loan.

According to the indictment, Tawnya Lee Lansdell, Rusty Lynn Griffin and Michael Wallace Martin conspired to commit health care fraud by submitting false and fraudulent claims to the three government entities. Griffin is Tawnya Lansdell’s brother, and Martin is her nephew.

In Count 3, husband and wife Tawnya Lansdell, who owns 51% of the clinic, and Michael Lansdell, who owns 49% of the clinic, are charged with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud in relation to a fraudulent Paycheck Protection Program loan they applied for through the Small Business Administration (PPP loan), certifying they were not engaged in any illegal activity (See Count 1), only to use the money for themselves.

In addition, they obtained an almost $200,000 farm loan to buy property adjacent to Landsdell Farms, of which 80% is owned by Tawnya Lansdell, with Hunter Lansdell owning the other 20%.

Counts 4 and 5, also accuse the Lansdells of wire fraud in relation to the Farm Loan and PPP loans.

Although no final amount as to how much the Lansdells are accused of bilking the government out of with the various schemes, the amounts listed in individual transactions add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Although arraignments are scheduled for May 5, so far, seven of the now 11 defendants have sent letters waiving arraignment and pleading not guilty.