SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Family and friends gathered Thursday to remember Shreveport Police Officer Chatéri Payne, one year after she was shot and killed outside her home.

“She was real shy, didn’t talk much, and just one day she showed up and it was like she got it.” Sgt. Briana Rivera, an instructor at the Shreveport Regional Training Academy, remembers Payne when she first entered the police academy.

“We saw her grow from an average applicant recruit to she was one of the powerhouse people in the academy,” Rivera said.

Payne was shot and killed in the driveway of her home on Midway Avenue Jan. 9, 2019. She was off duty but in her police uniform getting ready to leave for her patrol shift when she was shot in the head.

Rivera says, “I distinctly remember when I got the phone call about it, it’s like your world stops.” Payne’s death changed Rivera’s life dramatically. “Dealing with that as not only as an officer but instructor that kind of helped her become what she was it was very life-altering.”

And Payne’s life will never be forgotten

“It’s really heartbreaking and detrimental to what we try to do to develop officers to become leaders and paramount figures in the community, her life was cut short,” Rivera said. “That woman was going to do phenomenal things not only for her self her community but for her daughter. And we’re all trying to take care of that and make sure what happens from here on out with her daughter and her family that it’s followed through and that they don’t fall short on knowing who Chateri had become.”

Chatéri Payne_1547140003103.jpg.jpg
Shreveport Police Officer Chateri Payne was shot and killed while getting ready to head into work on January 9, 2019. Her boyfriend and two other men are facing trial in connection with her murder.

Three were arrested in connection with her murder. Trevon Anderson, 26; Lawrence Pierre, 21; and Glenn Frierson, 38, are all set to stand trial in March 2020 on charges of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder in connection with her death. Police have said they believe Anderson, who was Payne’s boyfriend and the father of her child, shot and killed her and made up a story of her being killed by an unknown suspect.

If convicted, the three men each face a life term in prison without benefit of probation, parole or reduction in sentence. Frierson was sentenced to 12 years in prison in December on unrelated federal drug and weapons charges.