Woman’s brutal murder leads to trail of victims, interview with killer on ‘Dateline’


Tonight on “Dateline,” when Susan Woods doesn’t show up for work, she is soon discovered dead in her bathtub. As police search for answers, they find a trail of victims.

Here’s a preview of Natalie Morales’ report, in her first broadcast as an official “Dateline NBC” correspondent:

A gentle life – ended by an act of violence.

SARA VANDEN BERGE: I’ll never get the image out of my head. It was brutal. It was just absolutely brutal.

There were obvious clues, but no easy answers.

RICHARD PRINGLE: We had the evidence. That’s what’s so frustrating about it. specially when it hasn’t been solved.

A crime that left one woman dead and a trail of other victims in its wake.

SHANNON: I felt hurt, I felt betrayed. The justice system is so broken.

Sometimes justice delayed is no justice at all. And even three decades later, the pain is still raw.

MICHAEL WOODS: I have a good 20, 30 years of rage.

On Friday’s “Dateline,” Natalie Morales interviews the killer, watch tonight on KTAL NBC 6 at 8 p.m.

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