Local Louisiana Student of the Year finalist uses knowledge of history, love for science to accomplish big goals


CADDO PARISH, La. (KMSS) – Northwest Louisiana’s regional finalist for Student of the Year is furthering his family’s legacy from historic roots to the stars. He has a bright future ahead of him and he’s earned many accomplishments along the way as this week’s Standout Student.

“Hi I’m Luka Mikaberidze and I’m a student at South Highland Elementary.”

Luka Mikaberidze is a 5th grader at South Highland Elementary. He was Caddo Parish Student of the Year and now Regional Student of the Year based on his academic success dating back to the 3rd grade.

“A lot of perseverance and work hard to get to this stage,” said Luka, who has his sights set on space.

“I would like to become an astronaut when I grow up.”

His favorite subject is Science.

“Just look at what it has done for us this past year. We’ve developed four vaccines from science, this wide variety of vaccines that we couldn’t make without science at all. That’s really astounding because science has brought us so far in humanity and without science, I don’t think we’d be where we are.”

His interest also got him a signed autograph from none other than Neil deGrasse Tyson, the famous astrophysicist, whom Luka admires.

“I asked him about space such as black holes and other heavenly objects. He responded to me and gave me an autographed signed letter, which was really nice,” Luka said.

Luka’s family originates from the country of Georgia so he’s a history-lover too.

“It’s over 5,000 years old, so when you go back to the archives or read a book about it, it can transport to that time period or place. I loved history as well as science. Those are my two most favorite things to study and read about.”

He’s also learning from his father. Dr. Alexander Mikaberidze is an accomplished historian, author, and professor at LSU Shreveport. He’s encouraging Luka to learn their family’s language.

Luka is also a Boy Scout and he likes learning survival skills.

“It teaches you that you don’t need an Ipad to survive. You can live off nature and not rely on artificial products.

He also has a bunch interests and likes to give back.

“I love to knit hats which most people really don’t like to do.”

“He’s so sweet because I don’t teach him, but he made me a hat for Christmas I was very excited,” said one teacher at South Highlands.

Sports-wise, Luka swims, plays soccer, and practices martial arts.

“I also love to do fencing. It does hurt when you hit. But it’s so fun. You get to attack other people and defend, it’s really strategic.”

He’s also thinking strategy on the battlefields and has created his own board games using historic moments.

“I made this game called 1921. It’s about defending a country.”

He has another game in the works that challenges players on siege warfare.

“It’s about defending a siege castle that’s surrounded on all sides and you’re just this one little on top of a hill. You only have a hundred people in your fort and there’s tens of thousands of people around you and you have to survive long enough that they’ll eventually give up and leave.”

Luka may seem in a league of his own, but he’s also really popular at school and has friends all over the campus.

“All my classmates push me on and congratulate me and this school is just amazing.”

As Luka Mikaberidze makes his school and family proud, he’s our Standout Student.

He can also jam, playing the SpongeBob Square Pants theme song on the ukulele for us on the day we visited.

Luka will compete on the state level for Louisiana Student of the Year.

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