This week’s standout student is a leader in the classroom who is getting recognition from Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

Ashini Modi has already claimed the title of elementary school student of the year for the state of Louisiana and now she’s representing Caddo Middle Magnet as Caddo Parish’s Middle School Student of the Year.

“It is a really big honor!” she exclaimed. “There’s so many great students here at this school. Everybody has their own unique qualities. Everybody is special and for me to be selected that is a huge honor.”

She’s also the captain of the Math Counts team and is a member of National Junior Honor Society.

“It allows me to be a leader and also to be part of my community,” she explained. “I love to be able to inspire others and be able to work as a team at Caddo Middle Magnet.”

Her artwork is also on display in the governor’s mansion.

“Maybe my artwork can inspire other children in the future to take care of their environment and to possibly do art to help inform others in our community about environmental awareness,” she said.

She’s hoping to turn her passion for science into a career.

“Something in me just sparks an interest  for things that I can’t see,” said Modi. “I’m actually currently working on astronomy research and that’s also something we don’t know very much about and I love cosmology.”

Ashini  has her eyes set on medical school. 

“And the reason I want to become a neurosurgeon is because my grandfather actually died of a neurological disorder and I want to be someone who can help other people in the future who are victims of these unforgivable diseases,” she explained.

In her spare time she started the Reading Rainforest where community members donated 2,000 books to the Providence House.

“I’m so thankful that every time I go there and I see a child checking out a book,” said Modi. “It really makes me so happy that maybe I’ve made a difference in a child’s life.”

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