SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Shreveport City Council Dist. A candidate Kinsey Montgomery has been disqualified from running for the office following a hearing in a legal challenge to his candidacy filed late last week.

Kinsey Montgomery filed Notice of Candidacy to run for Shreveport City Council Dist. A on July 21, 2022. (Source: Kinsey Montgomery via Facebook)

Kinsey Montgomery was challenging Tabatha Taylor for the District A seat, which includes the North Highland, Martin Luther King, Cross Lake and Allendale communities of Shreveport.

The suit filed Friday by Shreveport Dist. A resident Fred Moss claimed Montgomery’s does not live in Shreveport but instead leases and lives in a home on Waverly Drive in Bossier City, where utility bills are in his name. According to the suit, Montgomery used his mother’s address on Inverness in Shreveport on his election-qualifying forms.

Judge Ramon Lafitte issued the ruling early Tuesdsay afternoon following a morning of testimony.

Montgomery testified that he is renting out the home in Bossier City to a friend and that he has been living with his mother on Inverness since having surgery in March. Montgomery’s mother took the stand to back up his testimony.

Montgomery’s estranged wife also took the stand, however, and testified that she takes their children to the Waverly Place address every other week for visitation.