SHREVEPORT, LA (KTAL/KMSS)- Shreveport’s police chief says police headquarters is in need of major repairs. That’s why he’s asking voters to approve a $186 million bond proposal.

Shreveport police Chief Ben Raymond walks through the halls of a dilapidated police station.”This is a 50 plus-year-old building. Has a lot of repairs that are needed,” said Ben Raymond, Shreveport Police Chief.

Black mold stains the ceilings and buckets are placed throughout the building to catch dripping water.

“It will actually be cheaper or cost the same amount of money to just demolish this building,” said Raymond.

Closets are transformed into offices. “We just had to make do with some of the space we had available,” said Raymond.

And urinals are out of order. A fan circulates air while people try to keep cool in offices that are more than 80 degrees.

“Can you imagine working in an office building every day and you’re already wearing 20 additional pounds of equipment. wearing a bulletproof vest. You have to write a report and it 90 degrees”

Raymond says the building is literally falling apart, which is why he is asking voters to approve a 186 million bond proposal during the November election.

“It’s time for us to get a new building,” said Raymond. Raymond says 6.2 mils will go to the police station, fire department, street, and drainage.

He is recommending a portion of the money goes towards building a brand new police station and four substations.

“We want something you can be proud of and will grow with the needs of the community,” said Raymond.

Raymond says voting in favor of the bond will not raise taxes and the money will come from expiring bonds.