SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – Bossier-Webster Assistant District Attorney Doug Stinson glided past fellow assistant District Attorney Allie Stahl in Saturday’s Louisiana Open Municipal Primary, garnering 61.41% of the vote in the race to fill the remaining four years of the unexpired term of former 26th Judicial District Court (26th JDC) Judge Charles Jacobs, who resigned to become Bossier City Attorney.

Stinson received 8,398 votes to Stahl’s 5,278.

Stinson, whose father Ford Stinson Jr. served 18 years on the 26th JDC bench before retiring in 2014, had a litany of endorsements from area law enforcement, including Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington; Bossier City Police Chief Steve Collier; retired Webster Parish Sheriff Gary Sexton; De Soto Parish Sheriff Jayson Richardson; city marshals in Bossier City, Minden and Springhill; and police chiefs in Haughton, Springhill and Sarepta.  

Stahl, who if she had been elected, would be the first woman to sit on the 26th JDC bench, refused to accept endorsements. She said that to be fair and impartial there shouldn’t even be an appearance of favoritism. Instead, she stuck to her record, which over the past decade has included prosecuting violent criminals. In addition, she has defended Bossier and Webster’s convictions in Louisiana’s Second Circuit Court of Appeals and the Louisiana Supreme Court.  

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Stinson’s family’s history of service to Bossier Parish runs all the way back to the reconstruction, but in addition to Stinson’s father, his grandfather, Ford Stinson Sr., served in the Louisiana House of Representatives from 1948 to 1972, and introduced the legislation the created the Cypress-Black Bayou Recreation and Water Conservation District, was one of the eight legislators who co-authored Act 41 of 1964 that created LSUS and Southern University-Shreveport.