SHREVEPORT, La (KMSS/KTAL) – Giving back to the community is something the Williams brothers believe in, especially since they want to give the youth an opportunity they never had.

“When I was growing up, we didn’t have these types of camps,” said Calvary alum and current Cleveland Browns cornerback Greedy Williams. “It’s always good to have someone who came from this environment to show the kids there’s a way to make it out.”

With a lot of violence surrounding the Shreveport community, Rodarius and his brother hope they can be that spark to change young kids lives.

“Sports was an outlet for me, took me from things that probably would have taken my life the opposite way,” said the New York Giants cornerback. “So, I want to give that opportunity back to the kids and let them know that sometimes you have to find that extra will to take your mind off of things that you see.”

There were a number of drills for the kids to do as they were also split into age groups. Shuttle drills, the forty-yard dash and broad jumps were among the activities that were provided to the children. Many of the people who helped Greedy and Rodarius in their childhood were at the camp to lend a helping hand, providing drinks and helping with drills.

The Williams Bothers weren’t the only NFL stars in attendance at the camp. They also brought along Fair Park alum and 2022 Super Bowl champion Robert Rochell, with one goal in mind.

“Just showing that they can do it from Shreveport, Louisiana,” said the LA Rams cornerback. “There’s not that many people able to do it, but now that we were able to come out and show the world that Shreveport, Louisiana has talent is everything, to be able to show the kids that it’s possible.”

With hundreds of children in attendance to learn and soak up the knowledge from the NFL stars, both Rodarius and Greedy Williams feel that the camp will grow each year as they continue to help guide the youth into a positive direction.

“Seeing a professional athlete, we’re playing at the highest level in the world,” said Greedy. “So to come back and the kids get to touch on us, hear from us, that’s always good and putting positive things in their ear.”