Howard Co. voters ban marijuana stores and farms

Howard County, Arkansas - Voters in Howard County, Arkansas are the first in the state to ban medical marijuana dispensaries and cultivation centers in their area.

Residents vote to ban the growing and dispensing of medical marijuana."I want to thank the people that helped. Gave Howard County an option,"Bruce Short, Nashville resident," Bruce Short, Nashville resident.

Short took up the fight to get at least 586 signatures to get the ordinance on the ballot."A lot of people think it's a lost cause. it's already legal,"Bruce Short, Nashville resident. But his efforts weren't in vain with 52% of people in favor of the proposal and 42% against it.

"It was important to us. It was the example setting before the children. 
The kids that are struggling with prescription drugs, marijuana, alcohol. We didn't want to give them another temptation,"said Short.

Many people in the community see the passing of the proposal as a victory. While others believe welcoming marijuana stores and farms would have been better.

"Having dispensaries, I'm sure it employs quite a few people. So I feel like if you have a lot of those throughout the state. It would bring a lot of jobs to folks,"Michael Ordonez, Nashville resident.

People in Howard County can still obtain medical marijuana cards.

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