SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS) – The first live surveillance cameras for the Real Time Crime Center went up outside bars and businesses along Texas Street in downtown Shreveport Friday, where the Downtown Development Authority has reported a recent rash of broken doors and windows.

“We hope to deter more crime in the future but certainly we hope to catch whoever is doing this. It helps us put more eyes on with our Real Time Crime Center in places where we don’t have businesses integrated yet,” said Shreveport Chief Technology Officer Keith Hanson.

Hanson said the cameras are on 24/7 and can see up to 500 feet during the day before night vision kicks in. The data feeds directly into the Real Time Crime Center for analysts at City Hall to observe and clip any potential evidence for police.

“Our cameras cover public spaces and it is public data, but it can contain criminal justice information, so it needs to go through the Real Time Crime Center first. If it is involved in an investigation, it’s not public data anymore,” Hanson said.

Hanson explains the system helps all city departments. From monitoring illegal dumping such as chemical waste, to traffic problems, and fires. Hanson says the cameras have caught all of those scenarios over the past six months.

“About six months ago, the Real Time Crime Center did not exist. As soon as we got it online, we started knocking on doors and integrating businesses. We have over 300 cameras integrated now with businesses and each one of the poles with boxes on them will add three more cameras to our system.”

Data can be stored for up to four weeks on the drives and saved for much longer for police investigations.

“Once clipped it’s in our vault forever.”

The live recording data is encrypted on the drive inside the box on the poles.

“Even if someone came up and ripped the box off the pole or something, it’s a lot of garble goo that they’re going to see and it’s not going to be useful.”

They plan to install up to 150 camera feeds to oversee all of downtown to keep people safe and in hopes of quickly catching criminals.

The City continues to encourage businesses and citizens to sign up to join the Real Time Crime Center.