A man’s trek across the country finds help in Texas


One man’s journey is spanning the United States then across other continents for charity.

Landon McBride has more from Texas.

On his walk across the country the weather has thrown a little bit of everything at Tom Fremantle. Whether it’s the incredible heat in the desert, freezing cold in the mountains of Arizona. 

“You are completely exposed to the elements. On boxing day, there was an incredible storm in Seymour, I’m sure you had it here too. I went to do my laundry. You might as well have thrown 12 buckets of water on me I got completely soaked. There was an inflatable Santa that shot down the road faster than Rudoloph,” Fremantle said. 

Along with helping charities he is hoping to spread a little kindness on his journey as well

In a very simple way, I am trying to spread a message of trust. As human beings these days, we are all a bit terrified of each other and in a simple way I hope that walking through the country I can spread a message of trust,” Fremantle said.

You are basically relying on the kindness of strangers. That’s very much what this walk is about. And some of those strangers who have shown fremantle kindness by opening their home to him are Becky Hernandez and Stephen Acheson

“I had a friend that called me from Lubbock and a friend of her’s had hosted tom, in the Brownfield area. They knew he was headed to Wichita Falls so she called and asked if I was interested in hosting. I looked up his information and saw his cause, Alzheimer’s is near and dear to me and to Steve. We have both lost parents to Alzheimer’s,” said Becky Hernandez & Stephen Acheson.

He hopes to reach Georgia before his visa expires in March but he can only travel so far each day since he is walking.

“With a walk in quite a simple way. Kind of a vulnerable way. I can only cover 20 to 25 miles a day so you just have to take whatever the road throws at you. You can’t do an extra hundred miles like if you were in a car. You can’t do another 20-30 miles like if you are on a bicycle. You just have to take whatever the road gives you,” Fremantle said.

Fremantle will leave Wichita Falls and head toward Henrietta tomorrow as he continues his journey across the states.

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