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The Gregg County AgriLIfe Extension Agency is warning people who hunt feral hogs to pay extra attention if you plan on eating them. 

This after a green substance was found embedded in the fat of a few hogs in Texas.

Randy Reeves with The Gregg County AgriLife Extension said, “A lot of people shoot hogs. A lot of people eat hogs. That’s fine, I know that, but I also know they need to be careful.” 

Meat that is contaminated is believed to be considered as larval of Spirometra mansonoide the common name is referred to as bob cat tapeworm and it can infect Humans with this larval stage.

Most folks that we spoke with say they choose not to eat the meat of a feral hog. The reason is because the diet of a feral hog.

“They’ll eat just about anything. Hogs are opportunists,” said Reeves. 

Should the contamination spread, it could mean business lost for people like Cullen Parker. 
He and his family have owned PaP’s Fishing & Hunting Guide in Henderson for nearly a decade. 
“I would say 30% of hunters actually take the time to skin the hog, process the meat.” said Parker.  
Texas Parks and Wildlife suggest there are more than 1.5 million feral hogs in Texas. Should the contamination scare be a valid one, that number is likely to climb. 
“People just need to be aware and please be careful. If you plan on eating your kill, cook it all the way through. Like a well done steak. Otherwise, you’re putting yourself a risk,” said Reeves. 

Gregg County-AgriLife Extension: 

This information comes from a very good County Agent friend of mine here in East District 5 and I wanted to pass this along. IF YOU LIKE TO EAT WILD PIGS, YOU NEED TO READ THIS…

I wanted to share this information on feral hogs. We all know what a problem they are in the District and State. We all have people in our Counties that harvest and consume feral hogs. Last Thursday I received a phone call, in reference to pigs that had been processed and the fat of the meat had green specs imbedded in the fat. I tried to make the client tell me that he was seeing a blue color on the fat thinking the pigs may have eaten Warfarin. He then told me it was John Deere Green. I went to see for myself as you view the pictures you will see green color. To make a long story short I made several calls to specialist, no one knew what was going on. Saturday morning I received a call from Dr. Tom Hairgrove Extension Veterinarian, he visited with Dr. Tom Craig Texas A&M College of Veterinary Medicine a Clinical Parasitology’s he called it the larval of Spirometra mansonoide common name bob cat tapeworm it can infect Humans with this larval stage. The bob cat tapeworm has also been found in domesticated cats in East Texas. Meat that is contaminated with this type of infection and prepared any way other than well done could infect people. In humans this worm goes to the brain and can cause issues. 

Image may contain: food
Image may contain: food

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