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AR, OK and TX Senators pen letter of support for Red River Army Depot's AMPV program

TEXARKANA, TX - U.S Senators from Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas have sent a letter in support of the Army’s assignment of Red River Army Depot in Texas as the depot source of repair (DSOR) for the Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) program.

“Red River’s technical experts maintained Army ground combat and tactical systems for multiple generations, representing an invaluable resource that would be extremely costly and time consuming to reproduce at an alternate location,” the senators wrote. “Their extensive experience rotating Bradleys into combat and training environments have endowed them with a firm understanding of the vehicle and the environments where it is employed. Fortunately for the Army, the AMPV is already benefitting from these highly skilled experts’ institutional knowledge. In a time when readiness is the Army’s top priority, bringing the AMPV to Red River would capitalize on existing capabilities and expertise while ensuring a minimal impact on readiness.”

Click here for the letter. 


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