Boater rescued by neighbor & deputies


Monday afternoon Chris Burns was out on Lake Bistineau on his boat when the side of his boat dipped down too low and water started coming in.  In a matter of seconds his boat started to sink.

 “The boat went straight to the bottom… fell out from underneath me.”

What was supposed to be a 15 minute ride with his two dogs, quickly turned into something else.

He was chest deep in water and was forced to call 911.  The call eventually dropped, so he sent a text message to his wife.  The 911 dispatcher was persistent and called Burns nine times.

“I appreciate everything she did.  Trying to keep me calm and trying to get the right information out of me.”

Once Bossier deputies arrived at the scene, they learned the Bossier Marine Patrol was an hour away, so they started knocking on neighbor’s doors for help.

“He didn’t have to answer the door.”

Burns is grateful his neighbor Thomas Murphree did.

He says, “As soon as I thought I could help, I said lets go.”

Murphree took the deputies out on the lake in the exact spot burns, described to the dispatcher.

Burns says, “It was just a big relief… obviously seeing the pontoon boat and my neighbor and the two deputies showing up.  So it was just a big thank you to God.”

Burns has a word of advice for area boaters.  He says think before you take your boat out on the water.  He also credits safety equipment with helping save his life.

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