Bradford wants national search for new police chief

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Shreveport’s police chief has been on the job for a year, but one city councilman says its time to find his replacement.

“Citizens do not feel safe, matter of fact they feel like they’re being held hostage in their own homes.”

Councilman Willie Bradford is presenting a resolution to Shreveport City council members Monday.

“Asking the mayor to seek the police chief’s resignation and then move forward in doing a national search for a police chief that has experience.”

Councilman Jerry Bowman has recently questioned Chief Alan Crump as the head of the police department.

Bowman says, “I think this is something that people have already been thinking and just not spoke out about.”

Crump was just placed on administrative leave following an incident involving shots fired and a chase in Shreveport.

Bradford says, “No the incident that happened last week was not a part of the decision in me making this resolution.”

Bradford says he questioned Crump’s experience a year ago, when he was nominated for the position.  

“No training in investigations.  He had not been a part of homicides, he had nothing that I thought would be essential for a police chief.”

Bradford had the only vote of opposition and he says Crump has not lived up to council’s expectations.

“Nothing has changed.  Crime is still at an increase.  The citizens feel unsafe in their communities.”

Council members are expected to discuss the resolution Monday and could take a vote on the issue Tuesday.

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