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Pet overpopulation is a problem throughout the area.  Now, one business in Linden, Texas is doing its part by helping with the cost of spaying and neutering pets.

Dark Horse Coffee owner Jenna Lockhart said all tips and some proceeds are placed into a spay-neuter fund for those that need assistance. Do you know how many times I have people message me and send me pictures and they’re like, this dog’s been on the street for a month, it’s been hit by a car?

Last year, Lockhart started raising money at her shop to offset the costs of spay- neuter in her community.  Many of those helped are people who have had animals dumped at their homes. Our goal was to be able to raise enough money to do one or two a month, and with the help of the community 
we were actually able to do about three to four a month, Lockhart said.

The problem is also a topic of discussion among city leaders. We do have a rather large stray dog population, said Main Street Manager Allie Anderson.  She added that as downtown grows, it’s important that people feel comfortable outside.  Seeing stray dogs everywhere, kindof that perception, makes it feel a little less walkable for people.

This Friday, the city will host a mobile spay-neuter unit.  It’s one of many visits planned for this year.  Lockhart said her program is available to help cover some of the costs for people who need it.  However, they would have to cover vaccinations along with any other medical issues.  The need for spay-neuter is there, if we can help even a little bit, then that’s an amazingly gratifying experience, she said.

Officials said you must make an appointment for any spay-neuter surgery this Friday, but people can drive up to have their pets vaccinated without an appointment.  You can get more information at

For more information on Lockhart’s spay-neuter assistance program, visit their Facebook page entitled ‘Cass County Spay/Neuter Sponsorship.’

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