Can bottled water make you gain weight?


Bottled water is everywhere you turn.  But have you ever thought about what the bottle itself is made of and what it can do to your body?

Dr. Matt Young at Texarkana Emergency Center said, “It is important to drink tap water that’s usually filtered.”  That’s because experts say most plastic water bottles are made of compounds, BPA and BPS, that could cause health problems.  “This chemical, which is normally in these usually plastic water bottles or plastic containers … or can even be in canned goods, may have an effect on our estrogen and disrupt our metabolism,” Young said.

Some studies in mice show that could lead to obesity.  Texarkana Independent School District Science Instructor Kelly Rowland said, “Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, fatty liver, you have a wealth of problems that are secondary problems caused by obesity.”  Rowland is a former health inspector.  She limits her use of plastic.  “It may say BPA free or BPS free, but in reality that’s just one compound,” she said. 

Rowland now only drinks out of stainless steel.  She points to the identification code located on the bottoms of water bottles.  “The ones that we want to stay away from particularly are one, three, six and seven.  Those numbers have a lot to do with the possibility that they may cause harm to us, not 
to say that they absolutely will,” she said.

Most of the bottles we inspect have a one on the bottom, or close to the bottom of the water bottle.  But doctors said that bottled water is still a better option than a sugary soda.  Young said, “Because that’s gonna lead to fat storage, fat accumulation, and obesity for sure.” 

Rowland said, “We are a society of convenience, so we have to be informed and we have to be educated about the risks.”  

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