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She’s a Christian comic, pastor’s wife and devoted mother.

When an unexpected, tragic loss turned her life upside down, Jinny Henson found a way to turn it into good.

“I really feel like God puts it in people’s spirits to be the miracle when miracles don’t happen,” Henson said.

In 2009, Jinny and John Henson were praying for a miracle, after their 12-year-old daughter Maggie Lee was critically injured in a bus crash on the way to church camp.

The miracle never came, and their daughter passed away.

“We found through the process that the easiest way to get through this was to see good come from it.”

So that first year, thousands of people in several states decided to do a good deed in honor of Maggie Lee.

“Eighteen thousand people celebrated Maggie Lee for Good Day on her birthday October 29th in 2009. Last year, 2018, we were in 50 states. We’re going global this year.”

Maggie Lee also is honored year-round at Maggie Lee’s Closet, where donated clothes are given to children in need.

“If it has Maggie Lee’s name on it, it has to be fabulous because she was just such a sparkly person and loved God in a unique and wonderful way.”

Henson credits God with helping her family and friends overcome the painful loss.

“He gives us energy to do whatever it is we’re going to do, because we’re just flawed humans just trying like anyone else to do the very best we can.”

Henson hopes her daughter sees how many people are doing the best they can to make the world she left behind a better place.

“The Bible doesn’t really address exactly what we get to see when we pass away,” Henson said, adding that she believes Maggie Lee sees all the good that has come from her short life on earth and is as amazed as her parents are. 

“It’s a beautiful thing,” Henson said, her eyes sparkling. “God’s done a great thing out of something very sad.”

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