Celebrating Women: Velma Kirksey Tarver

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She’s a woman on a mission.  Her global mission is saving lives, one child at a time.

Velma Kirksey Tarver has traveled seven times to Ethiopia for the Institute For Global Outreach, an organization she created that addresses global suffering.

“I don’t understand, thank God, how it feels to lose a parent. Not have food or be left with some kind of illness, where you need medication, but there’s no food to take the medication.”

Tarver secures sponsorships for countless children and those sponsorships are the lifeline for the Institute For Global outreach.

“These are more people that understand what we’re doing.  More people who can tell others about the children and how they can help.”

Tarver ensures there’s adequate funding for the Student Empowerment Initiative.  It provides tuition and room and board to 200 college students.

She also relies on donations for the Early Childhood Education Program, which provides meals and an education to children between the ages of three and six.

While on her most recent trip to Africa, she met a little girl suffering from SAM, which is Severe Acute Malnutrition

“Her legs were swollen.  Her face was swollen.  She was so weak, she couldn’t stand and was almost two years old and right on the spot, we were able to send her to the doctor.”

Fortunately Tarver was quickly able to secure a sponsor for her.

“I have sponsors that cry.  They get really excited and just so happy to know that they can really see the results of what they’re doing.”

The Institute for Global Outreach’s 9th annual Walk for Humanity Shreveport is April 13th and 6th annual Walk for Humanity Baton Rouge is April 27th. 

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