City Council halts Superior parking expansion


A local restaurant is hoping to expand their parking spaces – maybe too close to a local Pierremont neighborhood. 

“Whenever they have live music, we can hear it,” said Rachel Hansil, a resident near the restaurant. “When there are people in the parking lot, they can be a little rowdy. You can hear them.”

On Tuesday, various people voiced their concerns to Shreveport City Council due to Superior Grill looking for a zoning change to put parking places on a vacant lot that used to have two houses. 

The restaurant believes that they have been in contact with those residents and has heard their concerns. 

“Reduce any impact on the persons who are immediately adjacent to this proposed parking lot,” said Superior Grill lawyer Tom Arcenaux. “We believe we have done everything to do that.”

The Shreveport City Council ultimately voted 5-1 against Superior Grill expanding their parking lot. 

“Our goal is to find some common ground in these types of disputes,” said city councilman Oliver Jenkins. 
“I don’t think this takes away from either party. Just because you cannot reach a negotiation, no one is less important to our city or more important for that matter.” 

Superior Grill can file an appeal with the First Judicial Court within 30 days to reverse that decision. 

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