SHREVEPORT, La, (KTAL/KMSS) –  Tuesday, the Shreveport City Council voted 4-0 to offer a resolution adding a 13% pay raise for all city employees on the Council’s Jan. 11 agenda.

The vote was unanimous, since three of the council’s seven members – LeVette Fuller (Dist. B), Grayson Boucher (Dist. D), and John Nickelson (Dist. C) – were absent.

The four council members present, Tabatha Taylor (Dist. A), Jerry Bowman (Dist. G), and James Green (Dist. F) and newly appointed member, Dr. Alan Jackson (Dist. E) all were in favor of adding the ordinance

At the Council’s Dec. 14 meeting, in a 3-3 vote, the Council rejected a resolution to increase police and firefighter salaries by 13%, following an outcry from city employees who also believed they should receive a raise.

At the end of Tuesday’s meeting, after the council voted to bring the proposal to raise police, fire and city employees’ salaries 13% up for a final vote on Jan. 11, Councilman Bowman explained that the council members who opposed the police and fire raises at the Dec. 14 meeting were not opposed to the police and fire raises. Instead, he said the only way they could bring the measure back to include all city employees was to vote down the original resolution and introduce a new one.  

In the Dec. 14 vote, the three councilmembers who were absent Tuesday voted in favor of the fire and police raises, while the three who opposed the resolution voted in favor of the new one on Tuesday, along with Dr. Jackson, who appointed by Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards to replace retiring District E Councilman James Flurry and was sworn in earlier on Tuesday.

The day after the Dec. 14 meeting, Shreveport Mayor Adrian Perkins gave the City Council two weeks to come up with an agreement on how to fund an equal pay raise for all city employees, including fire and police.

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