City of Marshall commissioners approve new ambulance fee

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The city of Marshall approves new fee for ambulance services that doesn’t result in a trip to the hospital. On average, the Marshall Fire Department receives about 5,000 EMS calls a year. An estimated thirty percent of those calls require no transport. After completing some research, Marshall Fire Department’s Chief Reggie Cooper concluded they need to charge for their services. 

“When the ambulance comes to your house, it is basically the doctor coming to your house. We work directly under a physician license in order to operate an ALS service,” said Cooper. 

As of now, there are no fees for EMS to treat a patient at home and not take them to the hospital. “For example, lets say you have a diabetic patient that we provide medicine for. Once the diabetic patient is fixed, you may not want to go to the hosptial. The medicine costs about 200 dollars. An example like this is something that has to change,” said Cooper. 

As of June 1st, the “treat no transport fee” will be $100 within the city limits of Marshall. If you need service outside the city limits, it will cost $150. Cooper says the city is catching up with the time. “With our billing service, approximately ninety five percent of their clients have some sort of “treat no transport policy.”

Cooper doesn’t want the new policy to discourage people from calling 911 for help. “We do reserve the right to cancel out any bills,” said Cooper. 

Cooper adds the new fee will help out the city of Marshall and Marshall Fire Department improve revenue streams.  


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