Community honors first responders

Local News

Hundreds of men and women who serve our community filled Shreveport Baptist Temple to be celebrated.

First responders received a standing ovation from people in the community at the 6th Annual First Responders Appreciation Day.

Police, firefighters and EMS from across the parishes came out for the prayer and to receive appreciation from community members.

“We’re thankful that they’ve set aside a day to recognize the men and women that serve everyday,”said Scott Wolverton, Shreveport Fire Chief.

“We hear a lot of negative, but it’s good for officers, deputies firemen  and EMT workers to hear the positive, to hear those who support us and who are appreciative for the role we play,”said Ben Raymond , Shreveport Police Department .

“These are the people who go to work everyday. Protect our lives and in turn put their lives in danger,”said  U.S. Congressman Ralph Abraham.

The service ended with all the first responders getting fed.

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