Shelia Phillips wipes away tears.”This was a hard day. This was the day my baby came up missing out the year,” said Phillips.

April 5th marks one year since she last saw her four-year-old son Rondriez Phillips.”I want to let him know I have not gave up on him. That I miss him, I love him,” said Phillips.

Rondriez went missing from his home in Lisbon. Sparking a search that lasted several weeks with no leads.

Today family and friends write messages on balloons and release them to honor Rondriez. We’re all still very hopeful and proudful that he will be found,” said Chaplain Terry Willis, Resident.

As the balloons float into the distance, family and friends grasp onto the belief that Rondriez will find his way home.

“He will not be forgotten. That somebody somewhere will give some information and for the community to know that it’s still hoped that Junior will be found,” said Willis.