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Community response to recent shootings

Shreveport, La. - There's been three fatal shootings in the past three days in Shreveport so I went to speak with law enforcement and neighbors to see where they think the violence stems from.  

Police officials say crime is a symptom of a larger problem and a piece of that larger problem is communities living with hardly any income and a lack of resources for young people. 

"What is it like living here? Well I actually feel like we live in jail. If you look out of your door it looks like jail cell. There's so much we can't do," said a woman living in the Wilkinson Terrace Apartments.

Her thoughts are echoed throughout the apartments in Highland where Charzavious Rogers was shot while standing outside. She along with her neighbors didn't want to show their faces on camera, but spoke about how the complex has declined since they were kids. They said there used to be an after-school community gym where they played sports and got help with their homework. But now the vacant old building sits in disrepair.

"They would always bring us over here because there were talent shows. See we had stuff to do when I was younger but now these kids have nothing to do and then again they really don't have any guidance, so what do you expect. This is the outcome," said the woman who wanted to remain anonymous. 

Police say the common factor in these crimes is gun violence between people who know each other in some way. 

"What I think needs to happen is the culpability on the person who is pulling that trigger. The culpability on the person who decides to use ill-advised methods to handle conflict," said Corporal Marcus Hines, Shreveport Police Dept. public information officer. 

Corporal Hines says Crime-Stoppers' decades old legacy really does make a vital difference. 

"People are afraid to come out in public to say this is what I saw for fear of retaliation or retribution of some sort. So Crime-Stoppers takes that away," Corp. Hines said. 

Corporal Hines said they have been getting tips through Crime-Stoppers on these recent shootings and believes that information will hopefully lead to an arrest. 

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