Concerns over confederate monument safety

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Monday afternoon was a chaotic scene in Durham, North Carolina, as protestors climb to the top of a rebel soldier monument and bring it to the ground.

“It’s really a shame that we have come to this in society where people think they have the right to destroy something that doesn’t belong to them,” says Paul Gramling, Sons of Confederate Veterans Lt. Commander in Chief.

Right here in Caddo Parish, there has been controversy of a confederate monument that stands at the courthouse.

Local representatives of the Sons of Confederate Veterans are concerned events in Durham have inspired those that are against the monument here to follow suit.

“It kind of reminds me of what Isis has done over in the middle east, taking down and destroying monuments and statues that they don’t agree with or like for whatever reason,” says Gramling.

Paul Gramling tells me his command has been in contact with the sheriff’s department to make sure the monument is secure.

“We talked to them and they assured us that they are watching it, and there are cameras at the courthouse,” says Gramling.

Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator thinks a fence needs to be put up to keep things like this from happening.

Members of the Sons of Confederate Veterans agree.

“After what we’ve seen throughout the country, I think it’s a good idea to have a fence around there to keep vagrants and troublemakers or people that want to do harm to anything on the courthouse grounds, to keep them out,” says Gramling.

Sheriff Prator says while they do watch out for the courthouse grounds, the Shreveport Police Department is actually over security of the monument.

Public information officer for the Shreveport Police Department, Angie Willhite, says they ride horses around the courthouse property during the day and have officers on bikes at night.

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