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Shreveport Council, Mayor debate trash fee

SHREVEPORT, LA - The clock is ticking for Shreveport. 

"Citizens are tired of talking about it," said Shreveport mayor Adrian Perkins. "I think we need to give them some notice on how we're going to move going forward and take care of the city. Just shoving it and requesting more information and putting my staff through answering more questions. It's not going to be helpful if we do not have the resolve to solve this problem..."

The council and mayor debated for more than an hour on Monday about how to get the sanitation department paid for. Currently, the city is paying between $8.5 and $9 million for the department to operate. The proposed $18 fee would help the department get paid for and give some of the workers raises. 

"It's at the top of our mind to make sure we compensate city employees," Perkins says. "I've been to every department to let them know we'll be fighting for them." 

But, some councilmen are hesitant. 

"I would like to have a plan in place before we put this 18-dollar burden on our poor citizens," said District D representative Grayson Boucher. 

"I am not comfortable with going forward on this at this point," added District A representative Willie Bradford. 

Some councilmen offered their own solutions. Most proposed that the fee should be lowered to give people less of a burden to pay. But, mayor Perkins says the city has to pass something to move Shreveport forward. 

"I didn't want to pass this." 

"The clock is ticking. If they come today, we could be downgraded.... I want you to consider all of this that we do not have the luxury of not knowing when we will be evaluated" said Perkins. 

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