Councilmembers say arena should not be a “slam dunk”

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Councilwoman Stephanie Lynch plans to introduce a resolution urging Mayor Tyler to respectfully decline the opportunity to further participate in the process to have the New Orleans G League basketball team located in Shreveport.

Lynch cites overwhelming opposition from taxpayers to the proposed sports complex, environmental concerns at the proposed site, and concerns that the funding mechanism for the sports complex will further erode the city’s financial ability to address crime, infrastructure needs, employee raises, and to provide vital city services with no new taxes or fees as her reasons for requesting that the city withdraw its interest.

Councilwoman Lynch states, “Mayor Tyler has failed to make her case with citizens and the business community for this arena deal. I join with (1) citizens who are saying, ‘FIX WHAT WE HAVE NOW,’ (2) business leaders who are saying ‘invest in and grow local businesses first,’ and (3) police and other city employees in demanding living wages and raises. I think we are all cumulatively saying this is no “slam dunk.”

The resolution is being co-sponsored by Councilman Willie Bradford, who has also voiced strong opposition to the Mayor’s plan to expend $30 million for a sports complex.

Councilman Bradford says, “I want to thank the Benson family and Pelicans organization for considering our great city.

Through this process of vetting the proposal, our citizens began to be very vocal about the things that are most important to them like crime, infrastructure, and raises for our police. I would be remiss to completely ignore or dismiss those concerns as Mayor Tyler has.”

Lynch plans to ask the City Council to consider the resolution at its meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 12. 

This response from the city: Mayor Tyler remains firm in her position on pursuing all economic opportunities for Shreveport, including this one; just as she has remained firm since she has been in office in improving infrastructure, fiscal responsibility, and making the city a  better place for future generations.  

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