Country Club approved for multi-use project

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Shreveport’s old country club will officially transform into a new development.

City council approved the rezoning Tuesday, but some homeowners weren’t happy about it. 

Some of the City Council members said they voted for it because it will help grow Shreveport and add economic development. While some neighbors said they don’t want to live next to it.

Closed gates and overgrown tennis courts is what you currently see outside Shreveport’s old country club, located off Esplanade Avenue. It’s being bought by the developer Chariot Company, turning dozens of acres into a multi-use commercial and residential development. 

“This particular area of Country Club, the Lakeshore area has been marked by disinvestment for 30 years so there hasn’t been any sizable scale investment in that area. So just by virtue of investing 240-million dollars it’s going to have a sizable change in the immediate area,” said John Henry, Chariot Company, Founder/Chairman/CEO.

Henry said the plans include single family homes, townhouses, apartment complexes and a hotel. Along with renovating the country club and adding office and medical spaces. 

But living next to noise and more people along with effects on property values concerns some homeowners. One woman voiced her opposition before City Council.

“We’re not surprised and we knew we didn’t have a snowballs chance in hell. But we did know our voices were heard and that maybe down the road they will have an epiphany when what they thought was going to be a success may not transpire like they thought it would be,” said Megail Parsons, Country Club Hills resident.

Henry said the investment will make make property values increase.

“In terms of noise, it’s a 250 acre project and there’s a significant amount of buffer around the residential area. We plan to keep the trees that act as a noise buffer. I think ultimately those folks who may not be in support of it today, once it’s built I think it will be something they will be proud of,” Henry said.

Henry said the project will bring 1200 temporary and permanent jobs. He plans to close on the property at the end of this year. Construction is set to begin at the start of next year.

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