Couples share their secrets to being married at work and making marriage work

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We all know love and marriage go together… but what about WORK and marriage?

“You’re working for a common goal… a common paycheck… and you try to make each other look good everyday,” shared Danny Perdue.

Danny and Terry Perdue have been married for 39 years.

“It was love at first sight for me,” said Danny. “It took her a little bit longer to figure out she was going to be my bride.”

They have worked together in real estate for 14 years.

“He has different strengths than I do,” shared wife Terry. “We love what we do and it just works out for us.”

The same things that make a professional relationship great…

“Communication and trust.”

Also help a marriage thrive.

“The main thing is that we encourage each other and we’re always there for each other… in the happy times… in the sad times,” said Terry. “You have to work hard at having a great marriage and I think we have one.”

Shreveport Symphony conductor Michael Butterman and violinist Jennifer Carsillo Butterman have been married for 21 years.

They were hitting all the right notes when they met at Indiana University and began working on music projects together.

While they both are involved in grand scale projects, they work to keep their marriage grounded.

“The little things matter, just to feel connected. Sometimes it is just those little things that you do throughout your day,” shared Jennifer.

And they have found their husband/wife relationship complements their conductor/musician relationship.

“It’s really nice in a way to be able to go back home and you be able to give me some honest feedback as to ‘you know that place where you asked us to do that… that really didn’t work,'”said Michael.

Rae and Russell Powell started their Music to Your Mouth food truck business a few years ago, after both being downsized from their jobs.

They say humor gets them through the ups and downs.

“You’ve got to make each other laugh. We love to laugh,” explained Rae. “When one gets discouraged or aggravated or something the other then knows to step in.”

They agree it’s important to invest time in being a couple but it’s important to also have individual interests.

“We enjoy being together and we communicate. You’ve got to keep talking. But when we get home we can go our different ways,” said Russell.

Their recipe for success in business and in love….

“Chemistry’s wonderful and that’s great,” said Rae. “But to have but friendship… that’s so important because that’s what sustains you through the years.”

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