SHREVEPORT, La. (KTAL/KMSS/AP) — The United Daughters of the Confederacy says a monument in front of a Louisiana courthouse that’s been ordered removed is considered very fragile and could cost $1 million to be taken down safely.

The UDC says they hired an expert witness who says the 116-year-old statue outside of Shreveport’s Caddo Parish Courthouse could fall apart if it isn’t moved carefully. Citing a 75-page report they say was part of their evidence for their case in federal court, the UDC says the Mississippi Stone Guild found it would take nearly $1 million to properly move it. The report concludes with the recommendation that “at this time, it would be unwise to take it down.”

In an introduction released to KTAL/KMSS summarizing the report, the UDC points to findings of “many micro fractures within the granite and marble resulting from 115-years of freeze/thaw cycles.”

The Mississippi Stone Guild reported finding “many micro fractures within the granite and marble” that makes up the Caddo Confederate monument. (Photo: Shreveport Chapter #237 United Daughters of the Confederacy)

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“According to Mr. Davidson, any stress applied to the monument during any moving operation, including lifting any parts of the sculpture by crane, will likely result in the entire monument to completely fissure and shear apart and disintegrate causing it to lose value. It would be extremely expensive and difficult to repair due to the Llano Texas granite used on the monument no longer being available.”

If the monument is moved, the report recommends that the Shreveport Chapter of the United Daughters of the Confederacy be named as the insured and appraises its value at $980,000.

The UDC also says “the report should have been shared with the commissioners, but they may have not read or comprehended the significance of the findings in the report.”

The UDC’s release of the report appears to be in response to information shared during a September 30 Caddo Parish Commission planning committee meeting by Parish Attorney Donna Frazier, who said the commission had received a quote from a Florida company estimating the cost of the removing the monument to be between $185,000 and 210,000.

Frazier also said that if the monument is not removed within the 90-day period ending November 26 set by the commission in a formal notice to the UDC on August 29, the parish has the right to decide where it is moved.

During that September 30 meeting, the planning committee recommended setting aside half of that in city funds if the group doesn’t move the monument itself.

“Do not fund the moving of the monument in your budget,” UDC spokeswoman Jackie Nichols told the commission at the following meeting. “Never has the Shreveport chapter said that we could or would pay for any moving of our monument.”

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