DeKalb voters reject school taxes


Voters in DeKalb, Texas said no on Tuesday to 12.5 million dollars in bonds for school improvements.

The vote was overwhelmingly against the two propositions.  The superintendent said he’s frustrated not with the voters, but with the lack of funding options for schools.

Many signs around town, urging residents to vote against the taxes, indicate the lack of support in the community.  Superintendent John Booth said he understands why voters rejected the taxes.  “A thirty-cent tax increase is a lot to ask for.  My frustration is with the Texas school finance system where we’re a property poor district, all we have to tax are trees and cows.”  Booth adds that zip codes, shouldn’t determine how much money is spent on school children.

At the middle school, Booth said the furniture has been rearranged in the library so that students won’t sit on top of the sagging floor.  At the elementary school, Princi-pal Emily Lee talked about plumbing issues and shows us where the foundation is settling.  Lee said, “I’m open to give tours anytime if anyone does want to come back and look and see all that there is to see.” 

As for what’s next, Booth said he foresees more public meetings.  “What, as a community, does DeKalb want?  That’s what we have to find out,” Booth said.

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