Desoto Parish sheriff Rodney Arbuckle gives his final goodbye’s


The DeSoto Parish sheriff, Rodney Arbuckle, is retiring and today he gave his final good-bye’s as sheriff. He shared his final hugs and handshakes with his deputies and office employee’s Friday as he parts ways with the sheriff’s office.

After 17 years, sheriff Rodney Arbuckle is packing up his office and heading home.

Sheriff Rodney Arbuckle says, “to be honest with you I have really no plans other than just doing some things around the house, me and my wife even talked about traveling and like I said spending a lot of time with them grandbabies.”

After being sheriff for more than two decades he says leaving now just feels right.

“I always said when I quite having fun, I made myself a promise a long time ago that when I feel like im not being effective in a job then it’s gone be time for me to leave.”

Rodney hopes the next person taking his seat will bring personality to the job.

“You know we as politician’s it’s not about us it’s about the people and when you forget about trying to work together and serve the people that you serve then you need to go.”

Arbuckle is going to miss seeing everyone around the office.

“We are like a family, you get very close to the people you work with, and not being able to see them everyday, you know it’s probably going to be the thing because you form a lot of good friendships.”

And they’re going to miss him right back.

Monica Cason, chief civil deputy for DeSoto Parish says, “I hate to see him leave i tell him im aggravated with him because he leaving me, but i know that he has other things going and i’m proud for him i really am.”

Monica Cason has been working for Arbuckle since he became sheriff and he’s like a part of her family.

“I have a 10 year old that doesn’t know why he’s leaving, he’s like why is our sheriff leaving and I said well you know more time for y’all to go fishing.”

At mid-night Friday Chief Criminal Deputy, Jayson Richardson, will take over as sheriff of DeSoto Parish until the next election in November.

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