Family remembers GSU double murder victims, campus ramps up security


It’s been over a year since a Grambling State University student and his cousin were killed on campus.

“It’s like they have been gone a trip and I’m just waiting for them to come home,” said Crystal Coleman. 

Emotions running high, Crystal Coleman, is still hurting after losing her nephew last October. 

“I just wish we could turn it all around to the way it was, but it’s not gone be the same. Holidays not gone be the same,” said Coleman. 

Her nephew 23-year-old Monquiarious Caldwell was visiting his cousin Earl Andrews at Grambling State University for homecoming when both men were gunned down on campus. 

The second son Caldwell’s mother has lost. 

“I still get up going through the house looking for him. It’s a pain i don’t wish on nobody. It felt like somebody put a knife in my heart and pulled it out,” said Caldwell-Cane. 

Since the shooting Grambling State University has mapped out a plan for more security. Which includes more officers, body cameras, a new app and a police station. 

“The growth on safety is all about listening to two things. The data about our environment and the folks that are in it. So with that we have learned that we need a few more officers so we have made five hires since June,” said GSU Spokesman Javon Hackley. 

Extra protection that this family prays will stop the senseless killings. 
As they battle their loved ones accused killer Jaylin Wayne in court. 
A fight for justice that will give them peace. 

“I know that he wish he could take back what he did, but it’s too late now. I just pray he realizes what he did and what he took from us,” said Caldwell-Cane. 

We called the district attorney about case against Jaylin Wayne. He’s due back in court December 11th.
Louisiana is seeking the death penalty. 

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