A forklift driver working at an Arcadia poultry processing plant died Sunday after being pinned against a high beam.

Robert Andrews, 40, of Delight, Ark. was pronounced dead of internal injuries at Bienville Medical Center, after being transported there following his accident. Andrews was employed by an outside contractor, Delight Fabrication, which was doing work at the plant.

Arcadia Police responded to an accident call at House of Raeford Farms at 3767 2nd Street in Arcadia Sunday afternoon.

When they arrived, officers learned Andrews, a forklift driver, had an accident involving a forklift.

Officers found Andrews around the back loading dock at the plant, where he apparently had somehow lost control of the forklift he was driving and it ran off the dock.

Andrews immediately jumped off the forklift but was pinned against a high beam by the forklift.

Police continue to investigate the accident, and an investigation also is being conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), a standard procedure when someone dies in the workplace.