Fireworks safety during celebrations


Celebrations are underway around the Arklatex tonight and public safety officials remind you to not hurt yourself or others as you ring in the New Year.

As fireworks light up the sky for New Year’s Eve officials say make sure it’s only fireworks to avoid serious injury or worse.    

“Guns are not fireworks. If they go up they must come down. We do not want anyone injuring anyone or damaging anyone’s property due to gunfire,” said Clarence Reese, Shreveport Fire Department.

Be aware of how you’re handling fireworks since they are low explosive pyrotechnic devices.

“We have seen in the past where we’ve had some blast injuries to hands and some significant burns to those citizens who now spend the New Year in the hospital. Read all caution labels that are on there. Keep a bucket of water or a charged water hose around. Use ear protection and eye protection,” Reese said.

Also be considerate of your furry friends who have hearing that is thousands of times more sensitive than yours. 

“Make sure you are not popping fireworks that scare pets. So if you’re popping fireworks around pets you want to make sure they are inside the home where they cannot run away,” Reese said.

As you pop-away don’t pop bottles until after you’re done. 

“Alcohol and fireworks do not mix! You want to make sure you save that alcohol for after the fireworks show is done,” Reese said.

Just for a fun fact fireworks date all the way back to ancient China used to ward off evil spirits.

So officials say respect them and be safe.

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