Flooding in Grand Ecore

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The Red River continues to rise and floods parts of Natchitoches Parish where it’s effected homes and camps near the Black Lake area.

The water is popping up in places it’s normally not. 

“The river is normally from the tree line there where my finger goes along and down to there,” said Kit Parker, tour guide Grand Ecore Visitation Center.

It’s reaching the roadway along Highway 1226 in Grand Ecore where normally you can’t see the river from the road. Dozens of homes and camp sites along 1226 have been taken over by water. Its flooded equipment, electricity lines, garages and up to the bottom levels of properties. 

“I’m sure they have some damage but they won’t know what that damage is until they get back home when the water goes down,” said Mickey Hennigan, Natchitoches resident.

DOTD pulled out the big sandbags this time and placed them outside of bridges by Black Bayou. It’s where people had to be rescued by boat back in the 2016 flood. 

“The riverbed is much more shallow that doesn’t leave anything but the water to flow out like here on Black Lake,” said Robert Morgan, lives by the Red River.

Morgan said the water has started to impact his RV park in Grand Ecore. He said he wants to see more dredging from the Army Corps of Engineers to remove built up silt. 

“This is a problem that’s going to keep occurring until the corps of engineers comes and starts dredging the river so it can handle the amount of water that flows down it,” Morgan said.

Fortunately many of the homes and camps are built-up on stilts. It’s just the belongings below taking the most damage. 

“We’re used to it out here. We saw it in 2015, 2016, we didn’t see as much in 2017, the water didn’t get up as high but here we are again,” Hennigan said. 

Atleast people are finding it a good time to go fishing. 

“I’ve only caught one so far,” Hennigan said.

The National Weather Services said it’s about a foot above flood stage in Grand Ecore. Flood stage is 33 feet. The Red River will rise up to 39 feet by Friday then start to fall. 

The Natchitoches Parish Sheriff’s Office met with state and emergency response officials for a LAGOSHEP briefing Wednesday afternoon on the flooding. They did a flyover in areas impacted by high water. 

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