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Fourth grade team from Walnut Hill Elementary leads forecasting contest.

More that half of all teams within 12 pts of leader

The first week of the Weathernator Forecasting Contest is in the books. The Hernandez team from Walnut Hill Elementary in Shreveport is the current leader with a score of 8.60 points per day.  The Humelsine team from North Desoto Elementary is a close second at 8.80 points per day.  The Keeling A team from New Boston Middle School is currently in third place with a score of 9.20 points per day.  The team from Shreve Island Elementary and the Meerpohl team from Fairfield Magnet round out the top 5 with a score of 9.40 points per day.   More than half of the remaining teams are within 12 points of the leader.


Over four dozen teams from schools all over the Arklatex are competing in the forecasting contest this year.  Each team answers four weather questions that make up their forecasts each day.  Using a weather map and model data provided by Chief Meteorologist Todd Warren each day, they predict what the high and low temperatures will be for the next day and whether or not it will rain and/or snow.  Each team receives points based on the accuracy of their forecasts.  The more inaccurate they are, the more points they get.  Just like in golf, the lowest score wins.  Teams receive one point for each degree they miss their high and low forecasts.  They receive five points for missing their rain/snow forecasts.  

The contest continues this week as teams will shift their forecasts from Shreveport to Texarkana.  The third and final week of the contest will be during the last week of February when teams will predict the weather for Boston, Massachusetts.




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