The Governor of Arkansas spoke at the National Governor’s Association on Cybersecurity in Shreveport.

Governor Asa Hutchinson spoke about the role state governments should play in protecting elections.

Governor Hutchinson was recognized during his panel discussions for helping lead Arkansas into the forefront in teaching coding to school children. He said he’s working to build the next generation of computer scientists for job opportunities. He also said the role of government should focus on protecting elections from both social media propaganda and manipulation of election equipment that could change the results of an election. 

“I think we have to be careful to build confidence of the American public in our election system. Can you think of anything more damaging than them to say elections don’t matter? We have a hard time getting people to the polls right now but they believe their vote didn’t count because of manipulators not properly counting because of a cyber attack then people just stay home,” said Governor Asa Hutchinson, Arkansas (R).

He also purchased cyber insurance for the state and said all governors should look into this to avoid the cost risk of a state-wide data breach. He said the threat to our election system from foreign governments is an immediate threat to our democracy.