Head of Lousiana’s prison system addresses reform


Louisiana’s Secretary of Public Safety and Corrections visits Shreveport to set the record straight about next week’s statewide prisoner release.

Jimmy LeBlanc says, “I can guarantee you this.  Sitting in jail for another 60 days, which is the average release time, early release time isn’t doing them any good.  Sitting in a parish jail where they have no access to programming, that’s not going to help them 60 days from now or today.”

On November 1st:

– 1,900 prisoners will be released in Louisiana

– In Caddo Parish 164 prisoners will be released

– On average they’re being released 60 days early

– According to LeBlanc all of the early releases are non violent & non sex offenders

“There’s been some examples of cases that have been used to give examples of what we’re releasing from prison.  It’s just wrong.  With Sheriff Prator, I know Sheriff Prator, I’ve known him my whole career and I know he does a great job up here, but he used three examples and he’ll tell you that he misunderstood the information he had before him.”

He added Louisiana incarcerates twice as many people as the national average.  The goal is to reduce the state’s prison population over the next ten years, but LeBlanc says they aren’t going to compromise the public’s safety.

LeBlanc is traveling across the state, so he can explain how the Governor’s Criminal Justice Reform plan will be implemented starting next week.    

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